Autumn in the NC Mountains

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Autumn in North Carolina is one of the most beautiful times, especially in the mountains. The leaves turn incredible shades of yellow, red, and orange and the autumn weather is absolutely ideal.




A perfect time for our first family vacation! With Naima only being a month old we talked about how maybe it wouldn’t be a good idea for her travel just yet, but that discusssion lasted about 2 minutes. We always knew we wouldn’t stop traveling when we had a kid and I definitely think it’s good for her to start at a young age. She actually does very well when she’s out of the house and adores being outside. It’s truly amazing seeing the expressions on her face when she discovers her new surroundings, even if she can’t really see them all that well just yet. She went on her first hike, saw her first waterfall, and even attended her first brunch!





However we definitely could not have done it without our baby carrier, the Ergobaby. We were able to carry her on us whenever we explored and not only was it super convenient, but she loved being snuggled close to mommy or daddy. The colorful scenery was so charming and it really makes you appreciate the simple things in life. Not to mention Naima did so well the entire trip that I think she loves a great adventure just like her mama.







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