About me

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I’m a half Iraqi, half Scottish, British citizen raised in America. Mom to Naima (pronounced Nye-ee-ma), wife to Brett, and one of the three musketeers that is my tightly knit family of myself, my mom, and my older sister. A homeowner, an inspiring potter & gardener, and freshly in my 30s, I started this blog not only as a creative outlet to share my thoughts and experiences but also to give my readers diverse inspiration all in one place.

How the name Wander & Dwell came about …

Before I became a wife or a mom, I was a wanderer. I still spend a lot of time traveling and going on exciting adventures, with my family and alone. I consider myself a free spirited individual that loves to be spontaneous and it’s the absolute best seeing my daughter blossom as I raise her in that way. I love sharing my experiences and tips on being a modern mama but also never forgetting who I was before I became a stay-at-home mom. However, becoming a wife & a mama has taught me and made me fall in love with the art of dwelling. The simple joys of making our house a home one day at a time and filling it with laughter and love is truly the best.

Welcome to my journey of winging it and may this blog make you laugh, guide you, stir some emotions within, or simply cure your boredom.